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It has been a long journey since 2016. A lot of learning, a lot of times playing the devil’s advocate.

I will write about what is going on. For technical people, for business people, in English, and in Spanish.

Let me start with the last thing I posted…


Darshana is a web3 based community that connects diverse talent with job opportunities. Darshana unlocks the potential of all skills, specially overseen, underrepresented talent, by empowering and facilitating their interaction and helping them get ready for the market.

We found in web3 the suitable space to grow our project. We…

La teoría del todo se refiere a la teoría que conecta todos los fenómenos físicos conocidos En esta teoría física se discuten los conceptos de causalidad y determinismo.[1]

© 2008 Natalie Gil (from Carnegie Mellon University’s campus)

La teoría del todo también unifica las interacciones fundamentales de la naturaleza. En la teoría de sistemas[2], se trata de representar la…

During my early days at Goldman Sachs in New York, I was all into the traditional in-person work force. I had to put on the suits, went to formal office lunches and interacted with people every day, some of them who became my friends. I had a position in the…

Natalie Gil

MIT Sloan Fellow. Ubergeek, IT Exec, Mentor/Mentee. Ex-Microsoftie and Goldman Sachs Alumna. Diversity Champion. Founder @LatinityConf About: www.natalie.uno

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