[EN] Empowerment and inequality with web3

Natalie Gil
1 min readJan 18, 2022

I read a post on Twitter by @kelseyhightower: Listening to Vitalik Buterin explain why one person one vote won’t work, and why POW or POS is better even though it favors the rich (those with the most compute power or tokens) seems counter to decentralization and returning power to the people.

From my perspective, we should be using the tools we are knowledgeable on to analyze this. I would love to run a simulation and test the system dynamics of this. Without data or simulations, everything is just an opinion.

I was reading Piketty’s Capital in the 21st century over the weekend, it’s a great overview of the data available to analyze inequality, besides his opinions about it, isn’t it what we are talking about? Should we have economists, smart policymakers, and systems engineers to analyze this deeply? Technology is just a way to enable — or manipulate this. Back to chat about you do not need to study long or formal “to be in tech”, consider and remember that we are creating things that will impact the future of wealth or not and just a hype — it’s a huge responsibility.

I might add that informed opinions, are still opinions, but at least they have some support on data or facts.

*Note about the concept of POW and POS and consensus, and how decisions about governance are made in Blockchain

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